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GSK Code of Conduct

Anti-Bribery & Corruption (ABAC) Programme

The Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABAC) Programme is part of GSK’s response to the threat and risk of bribery and corruption.  The programme includes the ABAC Handbook, which has been designed to assist internal and external parties understand corruption risk and identify people’s responsibilities to actively combat both real and perceived corruption.

GSK Public Policy Statement on Working with Third Parties​

The Public Policy statement clearly sets out what we expect of our third parties including suppliers, distributors, equity stake holdings and other business partners (known collectively as "Third Parties").​

Our expectations of our third parties are for them to:

  • Share our commitment to high ethical standards
  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations and adopt, at a minimum, GSK's Anti-Bribery & Corruption and Labour Rights Principles
  • Where relevant, comply with our standards on quality, patient safety, health and safety and the environment
  • Create a culture which supports staff reporting of suspected violations of law, rules and regulations, as well as of unethical conduct, without fear of reprisal or retaliation.

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