Sensodyne is the no 1 dentist recommended brand for sensitivity. It was launched in 2011 in Nigeria.

Today Sensodyne has 4 SKUs in Nigeria namely:

  • Sensodyne Daily Care 75ml. It helps to manage the pain of sensitive teeth, prevents decay and maintain healthy gums with regular brushing morning and night
  • Sensodyne Extra Fresh: in addition to benefits of the Daily Care, has a minty gel strip for extra freshness
  • Sensodyne Gentle whitening helps to manage the pain of sensitive teeth and to remove stains from teeth like coffee, smoking, tea etc. Sensodyne Gentle whitening restores the teeth to its natural whiteness
  • Sensodyne Rapid Action relieves the pain of sensitive teeth in 60 seconds. It can be applied directly by dabbing on the tooth for fast relief or used as normal toothpaste. It works very fast.

 Sensodyne is endorsed by the Nigerian Dental Association.

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