Ethical Conduct and Third Parties

Ethical conduct is a priority for GSK and we are committed to performance with integrity. We have robust policies and compliance processes covering all our operations, including the way we reward our sales representatives, how we market our medicines and vaccines, and how we work with stakeholders.

Our compliance programmes embed the same standards across our business units in different countries. These include our Code of Conduct (PDF), which outlines how all employees should apply our Values and Behaviours, and our Global Code of Practice for Promotion and Customer Interactions (PDF), which applies to all employees involved in sales and marketing as well as third parties acting on our behalf.

All GSK employees have access to whistleblowing mechanisms that they can use to get advice and to report suspected cases of misconduct – anonymously if required.

For more detailed information on our approach to ethical conduct and our performance in 2015 see our Responsible Business Supplement 2015 (PDF).

Third Parties

Our suppliers and other third parties – including agents, distributors and affiliate companies (where we have an equity stake) – help us develop and distribute the medicines, vaccines and products that patients and consumers need. Every year, we spend billions of pounds with tens of thousands of suppliers on a wide range of goods and services. It is essential that we strengthen the relationships with the suppliers and third parties that are critical to our business and work with those that share our values and operate in a responsible and ethical manner. To support this commitment, in 2015 we increased the use of preferred suppliers from 70% to 84%.

In addition to meeting GSK's anti-bribery and corruption and labour rights standards, we expect third parties to comply with our standards on quality, health & safety, and the environment, where relevant. These are clearly set out in our public statement on 'Working with third parties (PDF)'